About Me

Justin Kitagawa

  Santa Barbara, California

On one side, I am a data obsessed engineer type who not only loves to test, iterate, and optimize but also seeks to understand the reasons and logic behind what the data suggests. I believe the truth exists in the data – finding it is the fun part. On the other side, I love telling stories. To me, marketing is about more than just selling a brand or product – you need to really understand and connect with your audience to create a genuine experience.



I'm not afraid to dive into the code to solve a problem, or customize a solution.

Whether it's iOS applications that connect to Salesforce.com, digital signage for events, customizing Marketo, or building custom workflows, I love creating solutions.

Story Teller

Experienced in developing brand stories to create genuine connections with customers.

I have always loved telling stories and establishing shared understanding - from developing video concepts & storyboards to crafting the perfect message for an email.

Data Driven

I believe the answers are in the data. The fun part is finding them, and building upon them.

One of the most enjoyable parts of marketing is discovering what works, and what doesn't. Analyzing data is the best way to gain insights and create better marketing programs.


I love what I do. Life is full of exciting opportunities to learn and further develop.

My goal is to connect people, technology, and processes to tell stories, listen to customers and create wonderful customer experiences that go beyond the traditional buying journey.

Justin is an excellent leader and manager who truly understands how to provide value to an organization. His ability to leverage his creativity and technical acumen in support of strategic initiatives is both proven and impressive.

Keith Braney
Sr. Manager, Sales Operations

He has contributed significant value through his attention to detail, intelligence, diligence, technical expertise / creativity, and management skill... He has been an exceptional employee and great team member.

Carter Lloyds
Chief Marketing Officer

He is a rare breed that can paint a great creative vision but also has the ability to execute flawlessly. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Justin again, and highly recommend him for any marketing position.

Ashley Devan
Sr. Director, Marketing Communications
Event Session Scanning App
iOS app that uses Salesforce.com API and bluetooth barcode scanner to check event attendees in to sessions in real time.
QuickView bar for Salesforce.com
Visualforce element that provides important information on contextual tiles. Allows users to quickly summarize the record.
QAD API Hackathon Project
iOS app that utilizes QAD's APIs for Sales Orders to showcase possibilities of truly mobile ERP platforms.
Upgrade Value Toolkit Search
Search tool that allows QAD sales to provide the specific benefits that could be gained by upgrading from one version of QAD to another. Benefits can be filtered by solution, role, etc.
QAD Sales Resources
Replaced QAD's folder based Sales Resources tool with a meta-data driven search with an e-commerce inspired front end.
Script Writing for QAD Videos
Worked with MarComm team to develop concepts, and write scripts for QAD videos:

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Who We Are
Effective User Experience
References Quick Search
Salesforce.com APEX, JSON, and EXHIBIT based search tool for references. Allows sales to search by a number of criteria, allowing them to quickly find the right reference.
Event Expo Lead Acquisition App
iOS app that allows vendors at Event Expos to scan attendee badge QR codes using onboard camera and record notes for lead acquisition.

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